Territory Planning - Geotech

Where you are going to locate your next site is one of the most important issues in growing a network. Do you feel comfortable taking a gut feel approach to new site selection? How much science actually goes into where you place your next store? What about the size of territory you offer to a franchisee?

Completing due diligence and understanding what opportunity exists in today’s competitive environment is more crucial than ever. The last thing you want is a franchisee complaining that their site is poorly located. Worse still, by not taking a scientific approach to site selection, you risk cannibalising sales from other stores.  On the flip side, correct planning can help ensure you maximise your return on a store-by-store basis.

Geotech Information Services specialise in analysing key demographic data that drives your business and physically mapping where your opportunities lie. Imagine being able to scientifically predict where your stores can make the best returns?  This results in happier franchisees and greater royalty returns for you. Sound interesting? Listen to what Bruce Waddington has to say about site selection.

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