Is your web site mobile friendly?

Thursday 11 June 2015

IMG_1116With more than half of all search queries now being conducted using a mobile device, Google announced this year that they would create a new algorithm to help their users find mobile-friendly web pages.

As of 21st of April 2015, if your site is not ‘mobile friendly’, your organic ranking will decrease, which will affect the ranking (ie. visibility) of your site on mobile devices. If you want to check if your webpage is mobile friendly, go to

So why become mobile friendly? According to research conducted by Google and Nielsen1:

  • Mobile devices are increasingly ‘first choice’ for search. 77% of mobile searches occur at home or at work where many people have the option of using a p.c. but choose not to; and just 17% are ‘on the go’.
  • Increased convenience is driving greater online search activity. 81% of searches are driven by speed and convenience.
  • Increased convenience is also leading to greater customer engagement- and sales. In 75% of cases, mobile searches trigger a follow-up by the customer within an hour.

If you want to have an effective Mobile Optimised site, it must be configured for multiple device types (eg. Tablets and smartphones) and operating systems (iOS and Android). For avoidance of confusion, a Mobile Optimised site is not about having an app- it is about ensuring your current website works well for users from any device they choose to view it on.

In an environment where it is increasingly difficult to get your message seen by your target audience, you need to use all available tools to your advantage. A mobile friendly website increases visibility, traffic and leads to greater customer engagement. This means increased sales and brand awareness for your business.

For more information into how to improve Mobile SEO go to: