Why organisational performance is important


Many small businesses will say “there are only a few of us in the business and organisational performance doesn’t really concern us”.

The truth is that no matter what size your business is, no matter how many employees you employ, organisational performance is a concern - even if you are the only person in the business.

Jump to the other end and imagine that you have built a substantial business using a franchise model and you have 100s of franchisees and 1000s of their employees. You will want every one of those franchisees and their employees to be fully committed to the business.  This is where a high performance organisation makes the difference between a great business and a mediocre business.

But how did this high performance business start?  It started with the first person who worked there, who then taught the second person, who in turn taught the third person and so it went on.  It became part of the DNA of the organisation and from the very beginning the seeds of success were sown.

High performance organisations leave their competitors in their dust and are highly profitable.  It starts the day you begin to think about your business.