What is organisational performance?


Organisational performance is quite simply the way in which the people who comprise your organisation work together.  Are they working to maximum capacity and are they highly motivated?  If they are, it makes your daily business life much easier and far more effective.  If your organisation is not well structured then it’s almost like you are carrying the weight of everyone up the hill every day.  Ever felt like that?

Think of a peak athlete.  They are focused and know exactly what they need to do each year to outperform their competitors.  Apply this to a team and you have a group of individuals who know how to work together, they know their roles and duties, they know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and they work together to achieve a common outcome.

When you apply this to your business, you really want everyone working together in supporting you to build a great business.  You need everyone pulling in the one direction and you love it when they enjoy their work, are focused and innovative.  This is a high performance business.