Improving your existing franchise


When a franchise network is not performing as expected, it is a more complex problem to correct than improving a non-franchised business.  Why?  Because the problem may not just lie in the underlying business, its products and services, its customer service or its management, but it may also lie in the structure of the franchise model and the franchisees you have recruited.

When assisting franchise networks to improve performance, we examine the following:

  • Does the underlying business require improvement, and if so, how?
  • Does the franchise model require improvement and in what areas?
  • Whether your franchisee selection and franchisee support is driving better performance and business growth
  • Has your franchise evolved to keep up to speed with the market?
  • Have you maintained your competitive advantage?
  • Where do the areas for growth lie in your business?

If the underlying business requires improvement, we will consider areas such as your products / services, your target markets, your competitive position, your business strategy, your cost structures and revenues.

If the franchise model requires improvement, we work with you to understand where it is failing and how that is impacting your business.  We can then help redesign the franchise model, and if those changes impact franchisees, we can help negotiate changes with franchisees.

A great business and a strong franchise model are only as good as the quality of your franchisees and how effectively you can help motivate them to strive for continually improving performance.  We can guide and coach you towards improvements in either area that will ultimately save you money and build revenue.

As business growth specialists we can help identify where the improvements lie in your business and help you implement them.  Our methodologies are founded and sharpened against leading edge thinking, whilst maintaining commercial relevance and practicality.  Our proven approaches help build value by ensuring the right decisions are made, that these decisions are acted on, that blockages to performance are identified and solutions implemented.  We do all this with strong financial management always at the forefront.