Financial modelling services


A good financial model helps you to make decisions confidently. A good financial model’s output is easy to understand, the model is easy to use, and it provides you with a high level of confidence that you are making the right decision; an informed decision that is based upon meaningful information.

Financial models are used for the operational to the strategic, they can be simple or complex, and are used in both public and private sectors within virtually every organisation. Excel is the dominant spreadsheet tool in the pc market. It is pervasive in its use and is relied on for such activities as data analysis, budgeting and forecasting, and performance reporting. Financial models often support important decisions that may have significant economic impacts.

Financial modelling requires a broad range of skills and delivers the greatest benefits when it is developed by a combination of people with the right technical and commercial skill sets, in‐line with best practice methodologies.

Pitcher Partners Consulting assists with financial modelling requirements in the follow ways:

  • Develop financial models to support an organisation’s needs.
  • Review financial models for accuracy, robustness and to ensure they meet specifications.
  • Reconstruct and enhance existing financial models.
  • Develop processes and procedures that assist an organisation to develop their own financial models.
  • Assisting organisations to interpret financial model outcomes and applying findings to make business decisions.

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