How do I create a business plan?


To create the best possible business plan you need to have your existing thinking challenged.

We like to say that your thinking needs to be challenged and extended so that you gain insights and understanding you did not have before.  This brings you to a position where you have a crafted business plan in which you have confidence and understanding.

Put in simpler terms, two heads are better than one and especially so if one of those heads understands and practices strategic thinking for businesses.

In creating your plan you should draw together the key people who understand your business, your customers, their needs and what is happening in the marketplace.  Using a facilitator to guide your discussions you will be lead through a process that considers a range of matters and draws out the best everyone has to offer to craft the best business plan.

This process does not have to be formal and can be done with just a couple of people, but the structure of your business planning process is very important if you want to get the most out of it.  

Read our guide ‘ Business Planning – The Lost Art of Business Success ’ for further information and call us for a confidential discussion.